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JAILBREAK 2024 will take place in Fængslet in Horsens on August 16-17, and COPENHELL 2024 will take place in Copenhagen on June 19-22 next year. Ticket sales for JAILBREAK will open on October 27. Tickets for COPENHELL 2024 are available at Ticketmaster.

Secure tickets, stress-free: When it comes to scoring your JAILBREAK tickets, our one-stop shop is the official ticket provider – It's your golden gateway to legit tickets at the right price. 

Beware of ticket scammers: Unfortunately, there are some sneaky ticket sharks out there who try to pull a fast one. Stay sharp and steer clear of sellers like Viagogo and their lookalikes. 

Double-check before you click: Those crafty scammers might create Facebook events that look like ours. Don't be fooled! Before you hit that purchase button, take a good look and make sure you're getting the real deal from Ticketmaster. When in doubt, go ahead and either DM us on our socials or send us an e-mail at

Buying from fellow festies: Sometimes you might wanna buy tickets from fellow festival enthusiasts. Just remember, JAILBREAK and Ticketmaster aren't responsible for these tickets' validity. 

Fan Guarantee - your ticket lifesaver: For extra peace of mind, check out Ticketmaster's Fan Guarantee. It's like a safety net for both buyers and sellers. You can transfer tickets securely, all for a tiny admin fee. Easy-peasy!

Bonus resource: Looking for more tips? We've got you covered with info from Forbrugerrådet TÆNK. Dive into their insights on avoiding scams and safe ticket buying through these links (in Danish):

Concert tickets: How to avoid scams

Avoid ticket sharks: Buy your tickets safely

Special note for Horsens & Friends sponsors: If your company is a proud sponsor of Horsens & Friends, getting tickets is a breeze. Just connect with your Club Manager, and they'll help you join the party!

Curious about becoming a sponsor? Learn all about it here.


Fussingsvej 8
8700 Horsens


If you're coming from Aarhus, Denmark, then it's a smooth 46 km ride heading south via the Djursland motorway E15 towards Kolding / Østjyske motorway E45, and then continue along the E56 towards Horsens.


Hop on the DSB train from Aarhus towards Esbjerg / Copenhagen. It's just about a 30-minute journey from Aarhus Central Station. Once you're at Horsens Station, it's a leisurely 20-25 minute stroll to FÆNGSLET.


If you're using a “REJSEKORT” (Danish travel card), you'll score a discount on all trips starting outside the hustle hours – that's between 11 am and 1 pm, plus after 6 pm. On Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, you'll snag an automatic discount too.


Hop on city bus 9 headed towards Priorsløkkevej via Forum Horsens. From/to Horsens Station to the Nørretorv stop. From there, it's a breezy 15-minute walk to the venue. Check out this easy online journey planner.

You can also grab a Fleet bus to Horsens from some of the biggest cities in Denmark, including Aalborg, Odense, Nykøbing F, Viborg, Randers and Copenhagen. Book your ticket today via

Want to speed things up? Dial up a cab from Horsens Railway Station / Horsens Station at +45 75 50 30 00.

Ready to make your way to JAILBREAK? Your adventure starts now!

Just like many other festivals, JAILBREAK is also cashless. It's all about making things safer and more convenient for you, our awesome guests, as well as our incredible staff and volunteers.

Not only does this boost security, but it also means you won't waste precious time waiting in line at bars or food stalls.

So, at JAILBREAK, we're only taking card payments and contactless transactions. Cash won't cut it.

Wondering which cards you can use?

You're good to go with your regular credit and debit cards – that's Dankort, Visa, and Mastercard – at all the bars and stalls scattered around the festival grounds.

About MobilePay – can you use it for purchases at our spots?

Unfortunately, we do not currently accept MobilePay payments, but we've got your back with other card options mentioned above.

Located to the left of the Red Bull bar on the festival grounds, you'll find four spacious Godik modules housing 72 electronic and keyless luggage lockers, as well as 64 power banks.

Allow us to provide you with some information regarding usage and pricing:


Within our luggage lockers, you can securely store your jacket and/or a small bag. Each locker measures H. 30, W. 25, D. 45 cm.

The cost is only 40 DKK per locker, per day, and you can conveniently make payment online by scanning a QR code located on the locker itself.

If your phone's battery runs low when you wish to make a purchase, worry not. You can charge it using the cables located on the exterior panels.

We've upgraded all our luggage lockers with electronic controls, freeing you from concerns about lost keys or unauthorised access. The keyless operation assigns and opens the locker directly from your phone once payment is completed.

You'll receive a unique code granting access to the locker up to 4 times per day, before needing to renew the rental.

Please consider your fellow inmates by using a locker only if truly necessary, given the limited availability.


At the festival, our phones are lifelines for staying connected, capturing memories, and making payments. Godik's power bank panels offer reliable mobile charging, enabling you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere without worrying about battery levels.

Power banks are available for hourly rental at just 20 DKK per hour. A deposit of 300 DKK is held, which will be returned upon the power bank's return.


Payment is a breeze using your own phone through the associated web app, accessed by scanning the QR code on the Godik module.

You can pay using MobilePay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and the following payment cards:

- Dankort
- VISA Dankort
- Mastercard

We're excited to enhance your festival experience with these practical offerings. Enjoy the festival to the fullest, and don't hesitate to make use of our convenient services!

Get ready to indulge in a delightful culinary adventure at JAILBREAK!

We've prepared an array of dishes to suit every taste, whether you're a meat lover, vegetarian, or vegan. Our diverse menu spans various price ranges, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Quench your thirst with refreshing draft beer, and explore our carefully curated selection of specialty beers that are sure to pique your interest. We've also got your back with wine, shots, and an exciting lineup of cocktails. And don't worry, we've got your non-alcoholic options covered too, including non-alcoholic beer, water and soda!

JAILBREAK isn't just about the music – it's a feast for your senses! Join us in relishing these delightful culinary offerings that add an extra layer of enjoyment to your festival experience. 

Welcome to JAILBREAK with the whole family!

We're thrilled to have you and your little ones join us at JAILBREAK – where fun knows no bounds! Here's all you need to know about our family-friendly policies:

Child-Friendly access

At JAILBREAK, we believe in creating memorable experiences for the entire family. Children aged 2 to 12 years are more than welcome to join in the excitement with our special child tickets. And hey, kids under 2 years old get in absolutely free!


We want to make your family's time at JAILBREAK as smooth as possible. Children receive wristbands that match the ones their accompanying adults wear. It's all about staying together and enjoying the event as one big happy crew.

Unaccompanied youth

Got older kids in the group, aged 13 and over? No worries, they can have a blast at JAILBREAK too! They just need to grab their regular tickets and they're all set to enjoy the event without their parents or guardians.

Trusting parents and guardians

At JAILBREAK, we believe that parents and guardians are the experts on their children's needs. We're all about respecting your judgment. We don't enforce strict rules for children, but we do have some friendly suggestions to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment.

Suggested guidelines:

  • For youngsters between 13 and 18 years, we recommend attending with friends or adults.
  • If kids get separated from their grown-ups, they can head to the information booth for assistance.
  • As the evening sets in, we suggest children wind down and leave the event site by 8 pm.
  • Our Biergarten tent (Kachotten) and its surroundings are better suited for adults – let's keep it comfortable for everyone.
  • Safety first! Keep an eye out for wild mosh pits or overly enthusiastic partygoers. Move kids away from these zones.
  • Protect those little ears! Don't forget hearing protectors for kids of all ages. If the music's too loud near the stage, just find a cozy spot a bit farther back.

Extra measures for peace of mind

We take safety seriously. Upon receiving their wristbands, we register the parent or guardian's telephone number, ensuring a reliable point of contact.

Additionally, we recommend writing down the same contact number on your child's arm with a permanent marker – just in case. We know that accidents happen, and we want you to feel prepared.

So, gear up for a fantastic time at JAILBREAK, where family memories are made, and everyone's experience matters. Let's make this an event to remember – together!

Everyone is welcome at JAILBREAK. If you have special needs or are a wheelchair user, you can find information about the accessibility at JAILBREAK below. If you have any questions that have not been answered below, you are more than welcome to contact us at This also applies if you have any good ideas on how we can improve or upgrade your experience on JAILBREAK.


Wheelchair users with a valid companion card from Danske Handicaporganisationer can buy a wheelchair ticket for JAILBREAK. The wheelchair ticket automatically includes an additional ticket for a companion. The companion card must be presented at the entrance. Please contact Ticketmaster's customer service to purchase a wheelchair ticket, as these are not available for purchase online.

Companions on wheelchair podiums must be at the same level as wheelchair users. Wheelchair users can bring a maximum of one companion, unless permission has been granted in advance.

You may bring 1 companion with you. If you have a disability and do not require a wheelchair but would like to bring a companion to the event, you can buy a regular ticket and afterwards contact JAILBREAK directly at in order to register your companion. This requires a valid companion card issued by Danske Handicaporganisationers Brugerservice.


There are three toilet areas, all of which have accessible toilets that are equipped with a ramp. 


There are accessible parking spaces at FÆNGSLET to those with impaired mobility. These parking spaces are marked with a wheelchair symbol, and may only be used if you are able to present a visible and valid parking card issued by the Danish Handicap Organization. Accessible parking is free and works on a first-come, first-served basis.


All assistive devices are allowed on the premises.


We are committed to ensuring that all our guests feel warmly welcomed and can fully enjoy the Jailbreak Festival. We recognise that the physical layout of the venue may present challenges for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. Nonetheless, we are dedicated to making the concert areas as accessible as possible.

At the main stage in the courtyard, there is a platform where wheelchair users and individuals with special needs can comfortably enjoy the concerts. Our aim is to provide everyone with an excellent experience, and thus we have implemented a policy that grants access to the platforms exclusively for those with companion cards issued by Danske Handicaporganisationer. When necessary, companions are welcome to accompany as well. Please understand that space on the platforms is limited, prompting us to encourage those who truly need it to utilise them.

Unfortunately, there isn't a platform or designated area for wheelchair users and those with mobility difficulties at the stage in Vestsalen (the indoor stage). This is due to the limited capacity of the venue. We deeply regret any inconvenience this may cause and are actively exploring alternative solutions to enhance accessibility in the future.

If you have inquiries or require further assistance regarding accessibility at the JAILBREAK Festival, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at We are committed to ensuring that all our guests have a positive experience at the festival, and we will go the extra mile to cater to your specific needs, whatever they may be.

Your safety is our priority at JAILBREAK!

At JAILBREAK, we're not just about the music – we're also about creating a secure and welcoming environment for every single guest. Our commitment to safety is what makes us stand out and ensures that every experience is memorable, enjoyable, and worry-free.

Here are some essential guidelines to make sure you have an amazing time:

Alcohol and tobacco

For those looking to enjoy a drink, please note that you must be 18 years or older to purchase alcohol. Let's keep it responsible – guests under 18 should avoid alcohol consumption and intoxication. Don't forget your ID, even if you're a youthful 40-year-old!

Guests under 18 are also not allowed to purchase tobacco or e-cigarettes, with or without nicotine. These rules apply throughout the event area and the camping grounds.

Drugs and gas canisters

Your safety is paramount, so the use, ingestion, or sale of drugs and gas canisters is strictly prohibited at both the event site and the camping area.

Bringing your own food and drinks

Feel free to bring your own food and drinks to the camping area. However, in the event area, we've got your back with a variety of options to satisfy your cravings.

Umbrellas, banners, and flags

Umbrellas can obstruct others' views, so please leave them behind. Instead, pack rainwear or waterproof ponchos. When using banners and flags, be mindful of those around you – remove them if they're hindering someone's view.

Fireworks and weapons

Safety first: fireworks and weapons are not allowed. While you can rock those spiked and studded vests and jackets, let's keep it reasonable. Jackets with excessively long spikes might be a bit much for the safety of fellow event-goers.

Pets and furniture

Unfortunately, pets can't join the party. Likewise, furniture like tables and chairs won't be allowed at the event, so you can make the most of our available seating options.

Photo, video, and audio equipment

Bring along your compact cameras, GoPros, and phones – they're welcome! However, larger equipment like DSLR cameras and tripods are allowed only if you have press accreditation. Selfie sticks, on the other hand, will need to sit this one out.


JAILBREAK is dedicated to upholding the safety and security of our audience, event staff, and bands. While COVID-19 is no longer a major concern, we remain mindful that health and safety measures play a crucial role in creating a successful festival experience.

We closely follow the guidelines and recommendations of authorities to ensure a seamless and secure festival for everyone. Although COVID-19 restrictions are no longer necessary, we're committed to maintaining a clean and hygienic festival grounds.

At the same time, we kindly ask our guests to be considerate and adhere to general health and hygiene advice to ensure the well-being of all attendees during the festival. If you're feeling unwell or exhibiting symptoms of illness, we kindly request that you stay home and join us at the festival on a later occasion.

Code of Conduct

Look out for each other, follow safety staff instructions, and make friends without throwing beverage mugs or objects. Aggressive behaviour, violence, discrimination, and hateful speech are strictly off-limits – we're all here to rock in harmony.

Stay safe and have fun!

Our dedicated crowd safety teams are here to make sure you have a great time without any worries. Let's remember that the energy can get wild near the stages. Lend a hand if someone falls and be attentive to those around you – we're all part of this epic experience together.

Remember, following these guidelines ensures that everyone enjoys a fantastic time at JAILBREAK. Your cooperation helps us create a secure, positive, and unforgettable environment. Let's rock on safely!

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